RAD EXT-205A FT/AC/19/SYE (A) P/N : 3561296802039 Ethernet Demarcation Unit

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RAD EXT-205A FT/AC/19/SYE (A)  P/N : 3561296802039 Ethernet Demarcation Unit


Manufacturer : RAD

Model : EXT-205A

Version : FT/AC/19/SYE

PN : 3561296802039

Condition : 100% Working Condition

Ships : 1-2 business days


The ETX-2 is an advanced demarcation unit for professional services based on SLA, wholesale services and mobile transportation. It is available as an operator Ethernet demarcation unit, a modular operator Ethernet demarcation unit, an advanced mobile demarcation unit and a 10G / aggregator Ethernet demarcation unit.

v  Meets MEF Ethernet operator 2.0 specifications

v  Four FE / Gigabit Ethernet user ports

v  Modular GbE, E1 / T1, T3 or SHDSL modular network ports

v  VLAN-unaware and VLAN-aware bridging

v  Advanced traffic management with multiple modellers and hierarchical QoS (H-QoS) according to EVC / EVC.CoS

v  Hardware-based Ethernet OAM, performance monitoring and integrated RFC-2544 / Y.1564 tester; L2 / L3 diagnostic loopbacks

v  Ethernet Linear Protection Switching (ELPS) ITU-T G.8031 according to 802.3ad; redundancy by double ring connection (1: 1); Optional G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS)

v  Optional 1588-TC transparent clock support, Grandmaster 1588, Sync-E

v  Optional TDM pseudowire according to MEF-8, UDP / IP, static MPLS tag administration in CESoP and SAToP modes

RADview Administration with CLI Configuration; Supported by RADview Ethernet Performance Monitoring Portal and RADview Service Manager

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